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Goal Setting

Learning Styles


8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained (Dr. Howard Gardner – 4:15 min)

10 Different Study Methods for Different Learners (Study with KiKi – 4:32 min)

How to Study if you are a Visual Learner (Study Stream – 9:06 min)

Note-Taking Tips for Visual Learners – Study Tips (Absolutely Studying – 6:48 min)

Study Tips for Visual Learners (MooMooMath and Science – 6:41 min)

Learning Tips for Kinesthetic Learners (Creative Ways to Study and Learn – 7:20 min)

Kinesthetic Learners Study Tips THAT WORK! (Sharp Cookie – 10:02 min)

Study Techniques for Auditory Learners (Tutor Doctor – 1:36 min)


Learning Style Quiz: What is your Learning Style?

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Study Skills


The Study Cycle: Study Better in College – LSU (2:27 min)

The 9 Best Scientific Study Tips (AsapSCIENCE – 3:26 min)

How to get GOOD GRADES and STUDY in college (study tips, habits, advice) (Gina B. – 16:33 min)

12 Study Habits to Adopt Now – Study Tips (Socratica – 10:02 min)

How to Study Effectively with Flash Cards – College Info Geek (Thomas Frank – 8:43 min)

How to use Flash Cards – Study Tips – Spaced Repetition (Socratica – 5:50 min)

How to Read Your Textbooks More Efficiently – College Info Geek (Thomas Frank) (7:29 min)

How to Read a Textbook (Socratica – from Daytona State College) (7:43 min)

Print Resources:

The Study Cycle


Using Study Breaks Effectively

Test Taking Strategies

Wellness, Stress Management & Professionalism