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2019 blue ribbon school

Price increase beginning August 1, 2022.

Type of Request


Current Student $10.00 per document
type (1st is free)
Alumni $10.00 per document type
Third Party Enrollment Verification $15.00 per document type
International Paper Delivery $10.25 per document type

Atlantic Technical College has partnered with Parchment, a leader in eTranscript exchange to send transcripts and documents electronically, securely and confidentially. For more information regarding Parchment features, processing fees and resources, click the “Records & Parchment Flyer” button below.

Archived Records

Records from 2004 or prior must be requested from Records Retention at 754.321.3150 or visit www.browardschools.com/transcripts. Do not request archived records via Parchment.

GED Transcripts

Request GED transcripts at www.ged.com. Be sure to designate the school/institution you wish the documents to be sent. Do not request GED transcripts via Parchment.

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verifications can be printed via the Focus Student Portal at www.browardfocus.com. For instructions, click the “Enrollment Verification Instructions” button below.  Do not request enrollment verifications via Parchment.

Third-Party Enrollment Verification

For all Third-Party Verification requests, a signed consent form from the student must be uploaded with your Parchment Request.