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2019 blue ribbon school


Program Length:
1200 hours (approximately 12 months – full time)

Delivery Method:
Traditional – 100% Classroom based

Days & Times:
Monday – Friday  7:05 a.m – 1:50 p.m

Course Content:
The Carpentry program prepares students for employment in the Construction and Manufacturing industries by teaching the skills of cutting shaping and installing building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, and so much more.  Specialties within the carpentry field, such as rough, finish, trim, framing and formwork will be explored.

Carpentry students will experience all facets of the carpentry trade including: planning; management; finance; technical and production skills; underlying principles of technology; labor issues; community issues; and health, safety and environmental issues.

Additional Skills Covered:

  • Architectural & Engineering Measurement and Scale Drawing Techniques
  • Blueprint Reading and Code Interpretations
  • Building Construction Codes
  • Carpentry (Rough and Finish) Skills
  • Concrete Form, Place and Finish Techniques
  • Estimating Job Costs, Including Labor and Materials and Bidding Skills
  • Floor, Wall, Stair and Roof Calculations, Layout and Framing Skills
  • OSHA Safety Standards
  • Painting applications & finish techniques
  • Residential and Commercial Construction Techniques
  • Roofing Systems
  • Safety procedures for the use of power tools, hand tools and other equipment
  • Site Layout and Surveying Skills

Industry Certification Exam & State Credential:
Students will be prepared to take an approved state and/or nationally recognized industry certification or licensure exam in their field of study.  Students who successfully earn the NCCER Carpentry 1 & 2 certifications may be eligible to enter the Carpentry Apprenticeship program at an accelerated level.

College Credit Transfer Opportunity and/or Advanced Standing:
Upon completion of the program and meeting eligibility requirements, including the attainment of an aligned industry certification, students may be awarded credits toward an Associate Degree by Broward College or the Florida College System.  Students must enroll within two (2) years of completing the program at Atlantic Technical College. Additional college credit may be awarded with the attainment of additional industry certifications.

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Advisor: [email protected]

Job Outlook in the Ft. Lauderdale area:

  • Demand for carpenters is expected to grow by about 6%* between 2014 and 2024
  • Entry level wages for carpenters are about $13/hour*. Actual wages vary according to education, experience and certifications.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics
**The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity