Students – Online Job Board Registration

Program completers and alumni are eligible to use the Atlantic Technical College online job board after completing the following registration process through a site that has been specially designed by College Central Network.  You must use your student ID as the Access ID and have an email address to register.  Follow these simple steps:


  • Go to:
  • Select the Student icon, and read the information and announcements on the next page.
  • Go to the Register Now link.
  • Verify the pre-filled school name.
  • Use your student ID as the Access ID and create a Password that you will remember.
  • Then Continue Registration.

Enter all demographic information. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Answer questions about your work interests and your education. Employers will search this information to choose appropriate candidates, so complete all fields. Your degree will be a certificate, you have a major (no minor), and the date you will be completing/graduating.


  • From your homepage, select Search for Jobs Posted to My School, enter criteria specific to the type of job you are seeking, and then Begin Search. You may also Search for Jobs in CCN’s Jobs Central, our national jobs database.

Note: When conducting your job search, selecting several search criteria, such as Major, Job Targets, etc., narrows your search. Also try searching different criteria. To view all jobs, leave all the search fields blank.

  • To monitor your job search, select View My Job Search History from your homepage.


  • From your homepage, select Upload a Resume and follow the instructions. You should have a resume completed at this time to upload. Acceptable formats are listed.
  • Your resume will be reviewed and approved by our office before it can be submitted via the system. You will be notified by email when your resume has been approved or if it is not approved.
  • When a new resume is uploaded it takes the place of the current resume and is considered to be updated. Resumes that have not been updated in 18 months will be purged from the database.

To login, after selecting the Student icon from the homepage, select Student Central on the next screen. Verify your pre-filled school name and enter your Access ID and Password.
If you forget your Password, go to the login screen to access it.
Check for new jobs frequently. Keep your registration information and resume up to date.